Video copyrights using watermark

vidlogo copyright

This text could be copied. Everyone can just copy and paste this text and it could be placed on a shadow site.Technically it is possible, legally it is not recommended.

What about video content? TV channels, Video marketers often protect their content by using the channel logo or video using a watermark. It is common to use watermark on stock images to prevent non authorized downloads

Now you have some video and you want to protect it from being copied or spreaded without your brand.
If your video is intended to spread like a virus, you better have it branded with your logo. In case you don’t want it copied, it should be protected by your logo or watermark.

One of the options is to buy a software to do it. Assuming you do not want to buy it or you do not want to mess with vlc or movie maker or some other offline tools which requires dome knowledge and time, you can try it online.
Use and check how you can do it online, fast and easy.

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